OAKE Associates

OAKE Associates was formed in 2009 to provide a service that will help support those people who are most excluded in society. The growth of this area in the UK is a relatively new phenomenon and many of the organisation operating within the Sector still remain small.

This often means that they do not have the capacity to operate like larger companies and organisations because small companies have a limited skill and experience base.

OAKE Associates help to overcome this problem by creating a network of Associates who work as either paid staff or Volunteers for the company on a part time basis. This allows us to bring in experience and expertise to the development of projects that would not be available to many small Third Sector organisations. Thus small organisations and companies can benefit from the economies of scale that are available to larger organisations by providing specific and practical support with all aspects of national and international project work in the area of education and training, research and technological development, and training and development activities of the non-governmental sector.


This work includes:

  • helping to establish project feasibility
  • finding transnational partners
  • establishing consortia
  • managing the entire proposal development
  • writing proposals
  • auditing proposals
  • all administrative aspects of live projects
  • user needs analysis
  • helping to exploit successful project results
  • dissemination strategies using a variety of media
  • establishing strategic framework for the development and delivery of projects

OAKE Associates has particular experience of developments using network systems, multimedia technology and developing and delivering training for trainers and disabled people.